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The Annual ILEA Conference is coming to Seattle!

Immersive sessions and experiences. Thought provoking and visionary speakers. Exploration of topics that will propel you and the event industry forward. From cultivating your creative genius, to strategy to the future of events. All in a live environment where the energy is contagious and imagination is out of this world, set amongst an awe-inspiring atmosphere in one of the most innovative and vibrant cities, one that is the global leader in innovation and technology.

Haven't convinced ya? We get it, we know you are busy. And it's not often that you have the time to truly take in an experience for yourself, one that is curated specifically with you in mind, one that doesn't come with bullet points about ROI none-the-less. But research shows that creating space is the environment of which ideation is born. Headspace. The space between. Make way for the space to go beyond.

And that is where we are heading. Forget game changing. Think the next stratosphere. That's the line you can give your boss.

Be sure to click the "Register Today" button below to see our early bird pricing! This offer ends May 19th at 11:50pm PST. Don't miss out!


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