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Join a Committee

Committee members play a vital role in our chapter. Volunteering is a great way to get the most out of your membership - meet and connect with fellow members, help build the chapter and industry and become more rooted within our community!

Committee roles are volunteer positions, and can be tailored to fit your experience and availability. We understand that everyone’s ability to participate is different and we welcome and appreciate your help, time and skill set. Our committees typically meet a minimum of four times a year.


Have questions? Reach out to us at to learn more.

Our Committees Include:

Presidential Trio


Oversees the whole board, attends monthly president meetings with RVP, sets and leads board meetings, files taxes annually, etc.

Immediate Past President

Advisory role to the President. Plans annual Past President’s Council Dinner, and sets up the nominations committee.

President Elect

Learning year. Updates President Reports, assists in open roles on the board and fills Secretary position if open.

Director of Special Events

Oversees planning of the Emerald City Applause Awards and Halloween.

ECAA Chair

Oversees planning of the Emerald City Applause Awards, nominations process, and awards.

Featured Planner

Can be a planner who sponsors the event through their company or a committee who works together to plan the ECAA’s.

Awards Chair/ Committee

Manages all facets of the awards portion of the Emerald City Applause Awards, including, but not limited to, nominations process, marketing, and partnership with MN Chapter for A) judging of their awards and B) their judging our awards, confirming winners, updating slide deck, and ordering trophies.

Halloween Chair

Oversees planning of the annual Halloween party. This can be done by a committee or through a sponsor-featured planner.


Takes minutes at board meetings.

DEI Chair

Leads DEI committee. Offers advice on programming and marketing to ensure all communities are represented and will feel welcome and equitable at our events. Submits content for monthly newsletter for the DEI corner. Leads monthly DEI initiatives for social media.

Want to showcase your space, product or service at an upcoming ILEA Seattle meeting or event?


Contact us at to learn more.

Sponsor a Meeting
or Event

VP of Programs

Provides oversight and direction to Director of Programs.

Director of Programs

Works directly with Programs Committee to ensure board initiatives are met and monthly programs are set and ready to be marketed by the day prior to the event immediately preceding.

Speaker Liaison

Works directly with the speaker each month to ensure their needs are met, including, but not limited to, A/V needs, hotel room, registration, etc.

Logistics Chair

Sets the run of the show, works directly with the sponsors to ensure load in/out timing is communicated, and creates the slide deck, etc.

Sponsor Chair

Secures sponsors for all programming and ensures their logos are sent to communications team for proper representation in social media, eblasts, and in slide deck for the event.

Marketing Chair

This position reports directly to the Dir. of Programs, however will work closely with the Dir. of Communications. Writes all marketing content for educational programming for newsletter and social media.

VP of Communications

Sets direction for all communications and communication standards. Manages website updates and registration for all events.

Director of Communications

Manages monthly newsletter and all dedicated eblasts.

Newsletter Chair/ Committee

Gathers and writes content for the monthly newsletter, which can include (but is not limited to) upcoming events, member spotlights, new member list, anniversaries, DEI Corner, and global events.

Education Marketing Chair

Focused on promotion and communications for upcoming events.

Director of Social Media

Manages all social media channels, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Can rely on other teams for content and graphics or create their own, where applicable. Shares all new members and anniversaries to ILEA Seattle stories, interacts with member's posts and stories, and shares relevant posts that members share with @ileaseattle tagged and with the #ILEAinAction hashtag added.

Graphics Chair

Works directly with programming committee to create graphics for the newsletter/eblasts, website, and social media related to all programming and other initiatives.

VP of Membership

Oversees all committees to ensure recruitment is ongoing, future members at our events are welcome, current members are placed in volunteer roles and are getting the most out of their membership, and are reminded to renew when due. Sends a welcome email to all new members, cc’ing Director of Retention and Volunteer Chair.

Director of Recruitment

Oversees all recruitment efforts.

Hospitality Chair

Emails all future attendees before and after the event. Ensures all future members attending our events who desire an ambassador are linked with one prior to the event. After the event invites them to join the chapter.


Single event volunteers. Linked with future members attending events to ensure they feel welcome and introduces them to the board and other attendees they may not know (as applicable).

Director of Retention

Ensures all members are getting the most out of their membership and oversees committee.

Renewal Chair

Emails current members one month prior to their membership expiring to remind them to renew. Can also send reminders as time allows.

Volunteer Chair

Ensures all members who desire to volunteer are placed with a committee. Follows up six months later to ensure they are still enjoying their placement.

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