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July 17 2019 - Saving the Planet in the Events World

ILEA Seattle hosts an eco-evening of events.

Join us at Woodland Park Zoo, our venue sponsor shares about their flexible event spaces, sustainable features and conservation mission.

Meet our planet saving partners in the industry and hear tricks and tips on how your event can go green as Heather Smith Teegarden, CSEP educates us all on environmentally aware event options in the industry.

This evening will also showcase first of its kind, Tentwood, a mobile, pop-up event space will be set up on-site to share their ideas on salvaged materials and how choosing the right venues that practice sustainability.

June 19, 2019 - Innovation vs. Imitation

Becoming a Market Leader Through Creativity & Ingenuity

Register here for Wedding Network USA's June joint mixer at Rein Fire Ranch.
The leaders in just about any luxury product or service usually got there by being innovators. They rarely created their huge demand and high-end pricing by imitating what the rest of their market was already doing. In this thought-provoking seminar, Peter Merry (Author of "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" and Founder of the WED Guild®) will look at how companies like Mercedes, Apple, and Uber have utilized creative innovations to become the luxe market leaders that are quickly being imitated by all of the others.
You will learn:
  • Why innovation must be an ongoing process instead of a destination.
  • Why imitators are not your concern.
  • How to develop your own "Dean Koontz Creative Idea Generator" to maintain your cutting edge.
Meet Peter Merry.
Our guest speaker, Peter Merry is the Author of "The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!", Founder of the WED Guild, and an International Wedding Industry Speaker.

Peter Merry has been helping couples create fun and entertaining wedding receptions since 1992. He has presented seminars on wedding entertainment performance techniques, wedding marketing, and sales consultation skills to wedding professionals in over 60 cities across the United States along with Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. He serves his clients as their Wedding Entertainment Director® and he is currently entertaining at weddings across the United States. He’s the founder of the Wedding Entertainment Director’s Guild®. And he is the author of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!”…the first guidebook for brides and grooms on creating an unforgettably fun wedding celebration. He has trained over 200 wedding entertainers from around the world through his 2-day workshop called The Professional Process. Finally, he is passionate about helping all wedding professionals to provide better calibers of services to their brides and grooms.
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