Making the Mind Body Connection for Great Decision Making

When:  Sep 21, 2022 from 05:30 PM to 08:30 PM (PT)
Associated with  Seattle Chapter
Guest Speaker; Mary Gleason

Mary Gleason is a consultant and executive intuition coach with over thirty years as a nonprofit manager raising millions of dollars for many PNW nonprofits. She continues to consult facilitating board and staff retreats, conducting campaign feasibility studies, and providing intuition coaching to the willing.

This fun and interactive evening will show you how to make your intuition tangible.

In your busy day, you make thousands of decisions, and taking time to sit in the silence for greater clarity is not likely time you can afford. Yet, not taking the time to check in with your intuition can cost you time and money. You’ll leave smarter than when you arrived as you engage your brain and body to make better decisions.

Mary Gleason For the past fifteen years she has been a consultant with a quiet side gig as a hypnotherapist and psychic. She found the more she consulted with leaders, the more she appreciated how much they were ignoring their intuition in favor of data. Just data. 

Tonight, Mary wants to share with you ways to quickly check in with your intuition in this fast paced industry. It is important to note that Mary defers to your greatness as event planners since the one thing she hates most of all is planning events!

Thank goodness there are pros like you!

Here are a few details for the evening.

Valet Parking – We will discount to $20/person (inc tax) for those who choose to park with us. 

Guestrooms –  15% discount to those interested in staying.

Post-Event – The Hotel Sorrento's Fireside Lounge is open until 10pm for those interested in enjoying a cocktail after the party. It will be a cash bar.

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